Our Story

The California and the Dubai of tomorrow!



A few months ago, Australia was going through an environmental crisis with fires that we have never seen before. Today, the world is living an exceptional crisis that offers us an opportunity to think about a different economy.

The Coala Business Club is convinced that Australia can quickly become a model country by making the right decisions and choosing economic partners who will get things done, the Coala Business Club offers a meeting place to exchange and find new solutions to the economy.

In addition, at the time of Brexit, France wishes to continue its economic expansion with an eminent member of the Commonwealth in order to maintain a privileged relationship that is essential for our nations.

Australia is clearly the continent of tomorrow, an innovative country, which lies in a peaceful area near rapidly developing Asia. The economy of this continent-country is very often ranked among the most dynamic economies in the OECD.

Many international companies already see a promising future and we can note many talents that are the pride of this country (Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, Tina Arena, Russell Crowe…)


The idea came from the meeting of two people experienced and passionate about the event industry with the ambition to increase trade between Australia and France. The idea for the Coala Business Club was the natural result of their combined experiences in France and abroad. Caroline lived in Australia for 7 years.


Business Club Australia

The Coala Club Business is:

For French and Francophone Businesses and entrepreneurs

that have an economic development plan in Australia and Asia-Pacific, particularly in the high-tech, research, medicine, health, environment sectors.

For Australian Businesses and entrepreneurs

Looking to develop their business in France and in Francophone countries.



The Coala Business Club is a bilateral economic and business network that facilitates exchange and economic relationships between our two nations.

The Coala Business Club features a series of periodic events in France and in Australia, with cultural and professional networking opportunities in order to give the various stakeholders the means to work together.

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